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Neo Cholo ‘The journey’ book review.

Nietzsche in Thus spake Zarathustra writes, ‘I love that which is written in blood- if you write in blood you will see that blood is spirit. The journey by Neo Cholo is one such book, a book which was written in his very own blood at the tender age of 15. Neo Cholo The journey is a memoir, it narrates the chain of critical events that took place in his life which led to his near-death experience.

The author Neo Cholo loses his father at a very tender age, his father is a victim of a meticulously staged betrayal where those he had regarded as friends stabbed him to death on his way home, this led to the depression that Neo suffered as he could not reconcile himself after the inimical event that made him lose his father. 

How will I go on? Neo asked himself. It was this one event that caused a strain in the relationship between him and his mother, they became rather estranged as both of them were trying to deal with the grief, they had both lost someone who was dear to them. Out of feelings of loneliness and loss, Neo felt as if life held no meaning, that nothing was worth it and the only way he could free himself for all eternity of the pain would be to take his own life. 

One day Neo decides that this is the time, that he can no longer endure the agony, he plots his way out-a way out that would not require drastic measures nor alert those around him of his intentions. After thinking about the manifold methodologies that he could join his father in the spiritual realm, he finally decides that he would take his own life through overdosing on pills and cleaning detergents. He goes ahead and consumes the pills and detergents, but fortunately, he survives and lives to tell the tale. The suicide attempt leaves him with a rare condition called scleroderma, it is not a fatal condition but will remain with him forever as a reminder of what transpired, what he survived. 

This is a story about how fate gave a young man another shot at life, and with both hands, he grabbed it and as a result became an activist, became an agent of change in his community through a multitude of initiatives through his organization Teens with vision.

Nietzsche further says, ‘out of darkness can birth a shining star’, Neo Cholo is that shining star that today illuminates what it means to undergo suffering but find meaning amidst the suffering.

Blog post by Tokelo Hlagala.