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Healing yourself naturally.

My grandmother gave me a book, “God se Apteek. Jy is wat jy eet, en jy is wat jy nie eet nie…” = God’s Pharmacy. You are what you eat, and you are what you don’t eat… By Herman Uys. In his book, Herman says that he believes that any illness on this earth would not have been given to us by God if there wasn’t a cure for it, and what better way than to do it naturally. I do believe that God has also created people that are smart enough to cure us with medicines but if we look after ourselves we could prevent a lot of illnesses, and of course, feel better in our daily lives. This book was published in 2007 and the information still correlates to what you would find on websites. 

The following is from his book:

Abscess: Boil 4 onions, sliced finely, in 1 liter of water for 40 minutes. Drink a glass of the onion juice every hour. You can also swallow 2 whole garlic cloves every hour. Garlic and Onion act as a natural antibiotic. This doesn’t mean you should not see a doctor at all but this could help to relieve symptoms until you can see a doctor or if you could not afford antibiotics. If you drink antibiotics you should eat plain yoghurt during the process to keep the probiotics that antibiotics destroy in the process. Probiotics are also a very important part of your digestive system.

Headaches: Headaches could be caused by dehydration, stress, fatigue, sinuses, low blood sugar levels, and spasms in your muscles.

For a sinus headache, you can drink a teaspoon full of cayenne pepper in warm water to help break down the mucus in your system.

In your diet, it could help to get enough magnesium and calcium in. Swallowing whole cloves of garlic could also help with headaches. 

For stress, you can drink Mint tea.

Anemia: There are different types of anemia but most commonly it is an iron deficiency or low levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Carrot and beetroot juice helps with anemia. A glass of warm water and 1/2 a lemon’s juice, in the morning, on an empty stomach also works. If your body struggles to absorb the iron you might need to get more vitamin C in your system.

Physical Depression: Your body also gets affected by depression. A lot of the time physical depression is caused by a lack of nutrition. A lot of people believe that a good liver helps to relieve signs of physical depression.

Sage is a good herb to eat/drink for many things, including depression. In my previous blog, we spoke about teas that you can make, and making sage tea is easy!

Sage Tea – Helps for sleeplessness, cognitive related reasons, heartburn, hot flashes, and sore throats. Sage does contain essential oils (thujone and camphor) which should not be consumed in excess and especially not by pregnant women. It is easy to make, just add 2 tablespoons of fresh sage or 1 tablespoon of dried sage to hot water and let it seep. Strain it and enjoy! If you have loose Rooibos leaves you can easily mix it and seep it in a coffee plunger and pour easily.

Liquorice and lemon help to clean the liver. If all of the above does not seem too appetizing for you you can soak mustard seeds in hot water for 2 hours and drink the water.

Piles: Apparently, sitting in a bucket with cold water helps reduce the size of piles. To rid yourself of this discomfort this book suggests that you drink 1 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper x3 a day with juice or water. It will burn but it will burn your piles away! Eating raw peas, spinach, or apples tend to help as well. Then there is Timjan, if you have never had this before then I will warn you… it may smell delicious but do not be deceived, it does not taste as it smells!

Cold sores: Chew fresh, raw ginger root or cabbage leaves and keep it in your mouth as long as possible. You can also spray your mouth with Tea Tree oil or rub some Vitamin E oil directly on the cold sore.

Sleeplessness: This is usually caused by an overactive mind, depression, too much caffeine or alcohol, or bad eating habits. The cerebellum is usually what keeps you up or does not let you sleep for too long and this might also be because there is a shortage of mineral salts.

For this, you can get potassium phosphate pills at the pharmacy (non-addictive) and drink that instead of getting sleeping pills… which don’t really work either. Sleeping pills just make me more anxious and then I stress that I won’t wake up at the right time etc etc etc.

Rubbing lavender oil on the insides of your feet will help you to relax and sleep as well.

Blisters: Aloe Juice would help to heal the blisters quicker. Aloe Juice, in general, is a good thing to have in your house for many ailments and wounds.

You can also place lemon juice on the blister, or rinse it with cold salt water. This helps to dry it and disinfect the blister.

Burn wounds: Rinse the wound with cold water until the pain is bearable then put some Aloe Juice’salf on it. This helps for disinfecting, relieving pain, and to prevent infection. YOu can also place a raw, cut, onion on the burn wound or squeeze a lemon’s juice out onto the wound. This also helps to disinfect the wound and to relieve the burning sensation.

Insect bites: Cucumber juice, on an insect bite, would help to relieve the pain. Baking Soda mixed in water and placed on the wound also helps. Of course, Aloe Juice works wonders. A slice of raw onion would help with pain relief and extract the venom. (Please do not use this if a highly venomous spider or snake bites you, rather go to the hospital ASAP).

Cuts and wounds: Lemon juice and aloe juice are both great for cleaning wounds and cuts. Saltwater and onion juice can be poured on the open wound after it has been cleaned. If the wound is severe, then you must obviously seek medical help.

Now that I have shared a few, of many, of God’s pharmacy, I hope that you are inspired to find healthy and natural ways to look after yourself.

My new daily dose:

After reading/writing these blogs I have decided that I need to find an even easier way to get my daily dose of… everything in! 

1 Lemon’s juice

1 tablespoon of ginger (preferably freshly grated otherwise 1/2 teaspoon ground)

1 tablespoon of turmeric (preferably freshly grated otherwise 1/2 teaspoon ground)

3 cups of water

1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper (daily added)

Place all ingredients in a pot, let it heat up, not boil, then switch it off and leave for it to extract all the goodies. This will be for 3 days’ worth of drinks. Every day adding a teaspoon of cayenne pepper just before drinking your daily dose. Of course, you can add honey, or whatever else you want but for now, this will be my drink (hopefully) daily

Note: Cayenne Pepper tends to bring down your blood sugar levels so be careful when you drink it and make sure you check your blood sugar.

So dear readers, until you read again, heal yourself and look after yourself!

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