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My history with FOOD

If I need to do something every day to stay alive I will do it properly. Food is life! And what better way to treat yourself than to feed yourself?  

Food, it’s always been food! I love making it, eating it, sharing it, photographing it, and finding places that sell the best products or cooks the best product.

My brief history:

My pseudonym is Farci du Preez, under which I have written blogs for a TV food program and about my culinary experiences over the last few years. Farci means stuffed in French and I chose this name because I always seem to stuff myself with good food.

I grew up in a family that loves to eat. Our lives are planned around food and seem to be a bit chaotic if the next meal isn’t planned, or maybe it’s just me. One of my uncles and my aunt had been a great inspiration towards more gourmet cooking and they have donated plenty of recipe books to me and have given me one of my favorite utensils… a pasta roller! 

Unfortunately, my family had to suffer my adolescent cooking when I received my first cookbook when I was 10, but I think that I have made up for that in the last few years. My partner and I had taken on the term ‘foodie’ when we started dating and we would spend our Saturdays cooking up a storm or spend hours at food markets and cooking for friends at dinner parties. Eventually, after saving up enough money, my partner agreed to me going to culinary school and joined me in the US after I won Baker of the Year 2018  in the Reaching for Young Stars Competition. 

My gran, who has been my greatest teacher, had always provided the whole family with rusks, treats, and frozen pies. My fondest memories are sitting in my gran’s garage, with her 3-phase industrial oven, and baking rusks and biscuits for orders and shops. I also remember standing in front of Makro on Saturday mornings, making pancakes to raise money for the old age home. Then there’s the Jam Tarts, which we traditionally make as a family earliest we can in December so that everyone can have Jam Tarts for Christmas. I’ve had the privilege to spend a lot of time with my grandmother during the lockdown and even after 2 years of culinary school, working on a wine farm in Cape Town, and working in a restaurant in the US, I still learned a lot from my grandmother and my aunt. Silly to think that only the ‘professionals’ know all the tricks. 

In high school, however, I got to taste some of the worst meals of my life. The hostel was not a great culinary experience for me or anyone I imagine. I am still haunted by the half-frozen breakfasts we received, the bowls filled with Pro-Nutro that was only accompanied by 50ml of milk, and to this day I do not eat Chicken a la King or Beef Stroganoff. I suppose you could only truly appreciate the good things in life if you have suffered through the bad.

Other than the tragic hostel food, my friends and I did find pleasure in making ‘gourmet’ 2 Minute Noodles every afternoon or making stuffed pancakes. When we started working in the local restaurants we also had the opportunity to eat restaurant food regularly, which helped to make the hostel food an unappetizing memory swiftly drifting away. High school also introduced me to Hotel & Catering, my favorite subject, and also the only reason I attended school, that and of course my high school sweetheart…

So there you have my brief history. In the upcoming blogs, I will share recipes, tips, places to go, and the science behind some food tricks and combinations. There will also be some history, of course, and I would like to hear from you what your favorite meals are to eat, cook, or what you have experienced somewhere. My favorite part of traveling is because I love to learn about cultures and their food and as I’ve experienced… there’s always something to learn.

So, until you read again, remember to eat well!

Blogpost by: Farci du Preez(Anel du Preez)