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My thoughts- My Paradise

My Hidden Paradise. 

If you had to ask someone what their paradise would look like, they might say it is on the beach drinking cocktails with their loved ones, some might say it is a place filled with arcade games- others might say it is a room full of food. But I found my paradise in a place that is untouched, unknown, hidden from the public domain. known only by myself, or so I think.

My paradise is a place where the God rays shine through the clouds to glisten the green grass below and make the crystal blue water sparkle as it flows from the waterfall downstream. The rows of lush green trees dance in the wind as they separate me from the world, from the world and its worries, from the world and its demands and expectations. 

The bright colorful birds sing as they move from branch to branch,  displaying a dance of their own- in colors of red, yellow, pink, purple, and blue. The flowers stand elegantly while the bees collect their nectar. In nature everything works as one- each and every element recognizing and realizing that it serves a great part- it plays an integral part in the harmony of life. This is a place where I feel most at peace, a place where I detach from my multiple personas, where I take off the masks. No sparrow, no stress.

One can learn much from the stillness and flow of the stream of water, one can learn a lot from how the birds communicate. Was it not in solitude, in nature- under an apple tree where Newton gave birth to the laws of gravity post seeing an apple fall? Was it not in nature at the Galapagos Island where Darwin gave birth to the laws of evolution?

Delight in silence and solitude and you shall be renewed.


Blogpost by: Simmonne Malan

Edited by: Tokelo Hlagala