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Teens With Vision on the move

Teens With Vision on the move

The real road of compassion, that is, giving, helping, assistance, and community service is a road that can be set and declared as your life’s purpose, Byron Pulsifer.

It takes those with a vision to enable others to create their own, with the plight of great disparities in our society surfaces many more other social ills of many kinds, various magnitude, and different shapes, and in order to remedy these social ills- interventions and initiatives ought to be taken by a variety of individuals, bodies, and institutions to play a role in the reconstruction development program of our society. Teens With Vision is one such organization that is taking great strides in the reconstruction program of some of our communities, amongst which are Mamelodi, Eesterust to mention a few.

Teens With Vision is an organization founded by Neo Cholo, a grade 10 learner- a young man from Mamelodi who prides himself in being an agent of change, he along with his vanguard of other visionary teens are leaving their mark wherever they step. Some of the essential initiatives they run include Sanitary pads drive and relief initiatives– where they acquire donations that they share with those who are least privileged, the recent initiative in this facet was seen when there were cases of flood in some parts of Mamelodi, where many where left homeless, and without clothes and food, the organization made strides and collected clothing and food donations from their various stakeholders and partners and gave to those who were affected.

We aim to bring change in our communities by helping especially the young” Neo Cholo.

Teens with vision has been running different outreach initiatives during this period of the covad-19 pandemic, while simultaneously doing their winter clothing drive which is aimed at giving clothes to those that do may not have at all, or may not have enough, especially given the winter period we are in.

Some of the organizations that have played an amazing role in ensuring that Teens with vision is able to push their initiatives are Enter House Media and Mimi Women who have offered donations and their services to the organization. It gives enormous hope to see young people going out of their way to play their role in bettering society. 

Should you want to play your role too- by donating to Teens With Vision, either groceries, clothing, financial support, sanitary towels, or any other product or service that may help the organization in achieving its mandate, you are welcome to send us an email.