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Restoring Hope(the eye of hope)

Restoring Hope(the eye of hope)

As a country we hope to get to a point where we all can rely on ourselves, a point where we can fend for ourselves, and that time will someday arrive- but up until we can arrive at that time and place, aid and charity remain pivotal in remedying the inequality in our society, organizations that go all out to help those who live in lack are not only important but are a necessity, The eye of Hope is one such organization that’s going out of its way to ensure that it helps those without, those in lack and deprivation.

The eye of Hope is an organization that was started by a young boy by the name of Kutloano Malahlela, who at the time was only 14 years of age, in the year 2018.

In the words of Kutloano Malahlela, ‘The eye of hope is a youth-based educational organization rooted in creating programs that will better the lives of the poor, we run by a transparent mission to empower, educate, and raise awareness about socio-economic issues affecting youth within disadvantaged areas, the programs include sanitary pads drives, hunger relief, boys toiletries drive, and educational programs held annually’.

The annual educational programs that are run by The eye of Hope cater for young people within the Mamelodi community, these events bring a wide variety of professionals from all works of life, from diverse industries, and through these engagements with these leaders, ‘Hope’ is given, restored to these young people, leaders are brokers of hope, and The eye of Hope has gone to extremes to ensure that it brings these leaders closer to those that need them the most.

During the lockdown The eye of hope had a hunger relief initiative, many families where stranded, many parents lost their source of income, their jobs, and small businesses were greatly affected by the covad19 pandemic.

From the latest report from The eye of Hope they have articulated the following; “Since the beginning of June, we have registered 60 households for Hunger Relief Programme and managed to assist 54 families with food parcels. We are looking forward to helping more and reaching out to other families. Our sanitary pads program which is one of the biggest programs within our organization has more than 60 beneficiaries and since the beginning of June and until now we were able to assist 37 girls and women with sanitary pads. We are looking forward to expanding and making this program a 24/7 service as we believe that sanitary pads are essential; and that no girl shall miss school because of not having a pack of pads”. Some of the sponsors for this initiative are Jacaranda FM, Jackie Nzisabira, and Simply Fresh Custom.

Throughout time revolutions, change in society has been driven by young people, the audacity and agility of the youth, in this very period of youth month we recall the very bravery of the youth of June 16- how they have driven change in our country, and it greatly comforts the heart to see that there are young people who are not asking to get something but are saying we can give something to the world, are saying that they can be enzymes in the process of bettering society and empowering others. Covad19 is a pandemic we are struggling with at this moment in time, but there are too many critical pandemics that have confronted and have been molesting us for a couple of decades, the pandemic of poverty, lack of resources, unemployment, and while fighting these social ills, we ought to remember that there are those who require immediate attention, those that have no idea where their next meal will come from. 

We are grateful for such amazing initiatives, should you wish to contribute something to this amazing initiative by donating either, Sanitary pads, Non-perishable food items, Toiletries, Packaging (plastics or paper bags), Airtime and data to ensure good communication between our teams and beneficiaries, Money for transport and other necessities, Personal Protective Equipment, you are welcome to send us an email.

Blogpost by: TOKELO HLAGALA 


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