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How i started my first business at age 10

The year is 2005, my father has just bought a new computer, Proline computer, I have no recollection of the Ram capacity or Hard drive capacity, back then those things mattered very little, what mattered was a fully operational computer, this is back when computers and laptops where still regarded as for only the elite amongst society. My top recollection of the time is playing a game of Solitaire, which is a card game that came with the computer, of course not forgetting a game called Zuma, I spend many hours there trying to open up the different levels of the games, testing my abilities, this was the era of Ethernet, WiFi was yet to be largely known.
I recall for the first few months I could not leave home, I was glued to the chair mesmerized by this piece of a gadget, fascinated by how it worked, what it could do.
The year is 2005 and I’m doing Grade 5, these where the days where cassettes where just dying in the market and CD’s where entering the market, and not everyone could afford to take out over R100 to buy a CD of their favorite Artist or Movie, Musica was a powerhouse in the distribution of music and movies.
2005 is the year I started my first business, almost 15 years ago, at the tender age of 10 years, having spend countless hours trying to figure out how this computer works, I learn a very valuable skill that starts my entrepreneurial journey, I learn the valuable skill of burning CD’s, at the time very few people around my space have access to a personal computer. Post learning how to burn music to CD’s using what I recall to be Ashampoo and Nero softwares, I begin burning some for myself, not long after I started, I now have friends requesting me to do the same for them, I had found my niche, then their friends start referring their friends, they now know a guy that can do this, so they come knocking at my door for my services, at that time a plain CD cost R2,50, buying a bulk of them reduced the cost price to about R1,50 each Disc, meaning the cost of production has reduced, moreover I don’t have to pay for using the computer, I don’t have to pay for electricity, I’m a child after all, the beauty of age is that It can be an advantage during certain times and situations.
Floppy Disc
The business ran for several years, from 2005, till approximately 2008, that’s when Universal Serial Bars (USB’s) began flooding the market, and now people are no longer looking to purchase CD’s but they are using USB’s to collect music and movies, my sales begin to drop due to this unforeseen innovation of USB’s which replaced CD’s and Floppy Disc’s.
Universal Serial Bars(USB)
One of the most important lessons I wanna pass in this blog post is that, perhaps around you, you already have the resources that you can utilize to set yourself on your course to becoming, as Denzel Washington postulates, “ use what you have, some have gifts and talents, use them”,and always be on the journey to learn new stuff as the world revolves and evolves, what’s needed today might be rendered obsolete tomorrow, find ways of always being ahead, if you can innovate, then great, if you cannot, let speed be your tool, the ability to adapt to changing markets.
Blog by Tokelo Hlagala