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Public Speaking Workshop by William Baloyi Trading


One of the growing necessity and skill that is becoming pivotal in driving organizations, in mobilizing people for a course, and generally moving society forward, is the ability to speak, not only speak but convey a message in its simplest form, and so this requires a certain set of skills, and strategies.

On the 26th of October, William Baloyi trading in partnership with KCS Book club and YBP held a public speaking workshop in Pretoria State Theatre, in attendance where various different people from various fields of studies, occupations, and generally people from all walks of life, who had cake with the hope and desire of taking with, skills they can utilize in their spaces and places where they are required. The event featured 5 speakers, and 2 poets.

 Mr Tabane  

The first speaker was Mr Tabane who had a fantastic presentation regarding the kinds of speakers that exist, what differentiates them, what skills are pivotal in succeeding in those various fields. The second speaker was the founder of a brand called “Black”, he gave some tips on how best one can prepare for their talks, he gave a brief information on how to grow ones brand. The audience was then mesmerized by poetry from Mpho Lehutso, a phenomenal poet who recited his famous “Stars” and “I love my woman” poems. We had Sasha take the stage shortly and he gave a bit of a motivational talk which was focused on the young people especially.

Mr Aobakwe Segwai

We had Aobakwe Segwai  come in to give an inspirational talk, with the theme being, “your construction for success”, the message was heartfelt by the audience. We also had Mr Howard Zondo who has just landed in the country from the Bali Summit which was taking place in Indonesia, he came in with a powerful talk, narrating his odyssey in public speaking, how he has managed to write two books under the age of 20, how he was able to build such an amazing brand, and how he is keeping up with the competition that exists in the public speaking fraternity, he gave a brief background of his trip to the summit, and the audience was generally moved by his talk. Mr William Baloyi was the one to close the session with a powerful talk, he also narrated his life’s journey in public speaking, how he came from an unknown place called Pankop with nothing but the passion of speaking, he spoke about how his passion for the craft has opened up doors that he would have not thought of, how his passion for the mic has put him in stages with prominent people from all walks of life, he emphasized how Africa needs young leaders who will be able to speak, who will be able to communicate with the people, who will be able to represent us on the global stage, “yours and mine only begins now” William Baloyi.