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My hope

The history of a people shapes how they view themselves, and you can imagine the psychological atrocities that can be conducted by those who control the means of distribution of information. The identity crisis we are witnessing today, must tomorrow be told as a tale to the next generation, the challenges and struggles we are undergoing as a people today must tomorrow seem like a fable when being told to our grandchildren.

Much has been said about how disadvantaged we are, much has been said about how underprivileged we are. We do come from a system that was strategically designed to both disadvantage and disenfranchise us as a people, certain places and spaces where not meant for us, certain opportunities where not for us. The world has since transitioned, and yes I am not naive to think that all systems of disfranchisement have been brought to their knees, I am not naive to believe that the color of my skin still matters in the eyes of others, I am not naive to think that egalitarianism has/is prevailing,

But I hold the believe that things have changed, I hold the believe that we are in the new dawn, one of possibilities and opportunities born from struggle and sacrifice, born from blood, sweat and tears shed by our mothers and grandmothers seeing the sons and husband convicted and murdered by the apartheid regime, their families torn up.

And over and above everything that has happened to us, everything that has been done to us as a people, my hope is, my hope is we recognize and realize that our lineage carries the blood of the first people on this very earth, I hope we realize that the brown color we possess symbolizes that we are children of the soil, my hope is that we go back in time and dig through the layers of propaganda and find our true history, not one that is written by those that oppressed us, those that conquered us, for I know that the hand that writes the story controls narrative, controls what might be deemed as true, and what might not, what might be regarded as facts, and what might be regarded as fiction.

I hope, I hope we change our perception of ourselves, I hope we learn from the four Oxens, that together we are stronger and can withstand any wild animal in the jungle, I hope we remain united and use our horns to protect each other from external forces.

@Tokelo Afrocentric Hlagala.