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“Who failed who”

“Enough has been said about youth wanting hand-outs from anyone that cares to listen. Enough has been said about the “lazy youth” and “ungrateful youth”. Inevitably, rewriting the black youth narrative is not going to be easy but worth it” Selokela Molamodi.

On the 31st of August the #ConversationsWithYou movement held an event at the Pretoria Manhattan with the theme of the event being, “Who failed Who”, the purpose of the event was to deal with, and engage deeply on Conversations we have for long been avoiding, controversial and fragile topics that affect us, that we encounter on a daily basis as young people, topics affecting predominantly black young people.

The event was started with a play from a group of young talented artists called Eagles, the play touched base on the issue of parenting, it was aimed at depicting and articulating some of the parenting dynamics we encounter and observe, the play was a setup and build up for the conversation that was to be heard, the conversation around how parenting in the 21st century, needs to transition, one individual went on to comment and say, “we are using yesterday’s solutions to solve today’s problems”.


                      THE EAGLES 

The play was shortly followed by poetry from the fantastic artists, first it was Tshiamo Martha Moyo, a poet of note who in her own words “believes that every dream is valid”, Shortly after her was a young woman, with an aura of feminism, Sharon Sindane who delivered her two piece, one named “Her place”, and the other “Untitled”.


                 SELOKELA MOLAMODI, MC


                    WILLIAM BALOYI, MC

The other theme of the conversation was around forgiveness, this conversation was ignited with a talk from the guest speaker Mr Kabelo Mabona author of ‘Who are you not to be’, ‘Wisdom is crying out’, ‘Forgiveness is a journey’. The guest speaker gave a fantastic talk which most people can relate to, he emphasized that we needed to practice the act of forgiveness, forgiving that person that played with your  heart, forgiving that family member who wronged you, forgiving that person you trusted and they betrayed you, that individual that abused you, learning to forgive even the people who have never asked for forgiveness pertaining the things they have done to you, the wounds they have inflicted and the scars that serve as constant reminder of the deeds they have done.


                       KABELO MABONA, Author 

“The biggest thing standing between us, is the person inside of us, we must do away with fear, so we can be progressive humans, because each of us plays a pivotal role in leadership in a way we may not even comprehend. All in all it was an inspirational, powerful event and these are the conversations we must carry forward, especially given the current state of the country” William Baloyi.

Thoughts and sentiments shared by Mr Howard Zondo the founder of YBP, “The overall objective of the event was to bridge the gap between, and discuss the relationship dynamics that exist between parents and the youth, as it has become a norm that teenagers find parents boring and parents don’t understand the youth, and so who failed who was intentional, created as platform to express issues hardly spoken of. I was delighted with the overall results as we learned, “to be aged does not mean to be wise”, hence we must relearn and unlearn. In 2020 we are going bigger and better. Watch out for our boys’ indaba event coming in November of this year, all the information will be confirmed and communicated via social media”.