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Review #4 Bare: The Blesser Game by Jackie Phamotse

This book is frustrating as it starts off well, but somewhere in Treasure’s High school life the author loses the structure of the story.

She starts taking the reader through all sorts of dark expressions of how she feels about being abused and taken advantage of. Throughout the book, the reader is taken through gruesome scenes of sexual abuse and devastating consequences. Treasure, the character, gets convicted of her ways numerous times and she never takes responsibilty or action to make a change instead she keeps playing victim and leaving the reader confused on what she really wants.

The Blesser Game is not the best written book we’ve read, neither is it the worst. Jackie gets our points for graphically telling a story, an elephant in the room; the things that happen behind the closed bedroom doors of the rich and powerful. The book is based on a true story, and the author is the main character in the narrative, telling it in the third person. At a book launch interview Jackie even hinted that a government minister whom she would not name tried to block the publishing of the book.

The book feels incomplete, like there is so much more left unsaid. And guess what? Jackie is working on sequel. Maybe then we’ll get to learn more of the infamous Hockey Club which is only given a glancing mention. The Hockey Club is a gentleman’s club of millionaires and not really about hockey or sports; although golf seems to be the interaction medium for initiation. Is it a cult? Who knows?

Final thoughts:
* The book is not as naked as the title. suggests because there’s only a few pages about “The Blessers’ Game.”
* The author was all over the place. Reading the book was such a drag.
* We do not like her writing style. It is not for us.