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Promoting A Culture Of Reading

Learning and growing together

There is a reason that out of all the friends I have, Shimi is the only one with abs, a six pack, and a perfectly…
“When they came for the Jews, I said nothing because I wasn’t a Jew, when they came for the trade unionist I said nothing because…

Fear exists

“It was like being hit by three successive waves of heartbreak, each one bigger than the last, my mind raced through the hours we’d spent…
In one of the books written by Malcom Gladwell – Outliers, it embodies the story of success. He goes on to narrate the tale of…

About Us

KCS Book Club is a group of dedicated individuals who have joined together with the common passion for literature. It is home for a wide variety of book genres looking to empower and promote the culture of reading among people, we thoroughly comprehend that KNOWLEDGE CHANGES SITUATIONS as our name stipulates.

Books can also be purchased through our website and various communication methodologies and not only are books read and discussed through the monthly book review sessions, we have diverse personal development and team building activities that correlate with the books we read. Designed by Zamile Web Design.

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