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Little World.

 The overwhelming smell of sweet grass with a hint of lemon aroma flows past my nose, it is so strong and potent that I can almost see the smells as an outline flying around my head and into my nose. I feel as though I am a princess breaking out into song, admiring the beautiful essences and seeing them swirl around me in ribbon-like form. They swirl around me, flowing past each other, interlinking with one another then separating. Flowing around me like waves of the ocean and I am nothing but a small island lucky enough to be caught in the middle of the current. Each wave of breath-taking scent circling me, flowing through me before entering my nostrils and creating the most extraordinary mix of scents that lift my feet off the ground, as though I have grown wings and I begin to fly. 

I start flying, not just through the sky but also through space, time…the universe. I fly away from Earth, from the people…from everything. All of my stresses and worries slowly melt off of me as though I am an ice-cream melting in the hot sun. I feel lighter, my body is less tense and less tight. I feel as though I am merely a single atom flying through the vast universe: so free, light, fearless, untouchable and no strings attached. All the beautiful colours of the universe filling up my eyes and forever ingraining themselves in my memory as though they are a mural on the one wall that no one else will ever get a glimpse of. Beautiful shades of blue, red, yellow and orange interlink and create a masterpiece that has a complex beauty that is completely indescribable. 

I fly past spectacular nebulas, quasars and galaxies in absolute awe. I cannot believe my eyes, I feel as though they are deceiving me, the view is so gorgeous that it seems so unrealistic…a pipedream. I keep floating past all of the stunning features our universe has to offer, thinking to myself that all of this untouched, undiscovered beauty lies right outside our very own door, everything that is bigger and more beautiful than all of us, yet we get so caught up in our everyday problems that we forget what beauty lies in front of us. We forget about how little we truly are compared to what is beyond our planet, a single planet in a universe with thousands of planets…a multiverse possibly. 

There are so many planets and stars, so many galaxies and quasars out there. An entire universe is out there yet we still feel the need to think as though we are utterly important, we feel as though the whole universe revolves around our one planet, we think that the universe holds its breath to see what we do. It seems so unrealistic…quite silly if you ask me. I cannot help but constantly think about the endless selfishness and inconsiderate actions people tend to do, the hatred we spread from ignorance and greed. I am so glad that I have my own place to fly away from this inimical place. My destination is near, my beautiful escape is near. 

I slowly float towards the most beautiful and scenic place I have ever witnessed. I slowly start getting pulled down by gravity, falling closer to the ground, the pastel purples clouds slowly disappearing as I fall through them. The clouds almost pop as though they are a bubble but then turn into a purple sherbet texture, it is as though the clouds are magicians performing a magic trick. As I fall closer to the ground, the landscape slowly comes into focus and fills my eyes. The colours of the oceans are a swirl of aquamarine, dark turquoise, bright turquoise and turquoise. The darkest, deepest, undiscovered parts of the ocean have a teal look. The foam of the ocean is a pale turquoise, such a beautiful colour and so foamy, like bubbles in the biggest bubble bath I have ever seen. The waves crash upon a shore with the mix of yellow colours of cornsilk, creamy corn, key lime and pale peach, each colour blending perfectly in an ombre effect. Where the ocean kisses the shores, a pale peach colour is most prominent, slowly fading to cornsilk, further up the shore it runs into creamy corn colour and as it comes closer to the grass it fades to a key lime colour, then the colours fade to darker tones of pastel greens.

I land on the beautiful shores and walk further inland to explore and see what awaits. As I come over a small hill, I notice the most exquisite vegetation. The long, fluffy lime green grass tickles the thin, gigantic, black and white striped trees. The trees are so unique, the base of the trees is a texture mixed between being strong but also extremely flexible. They are so flexible that when a strong wind blows, they bend so much that they almost touch the ground. What we would consider the leaves of the trees, are actually a wide range of different shapes and colours of feathers but each feather is softer than silk and fluffier than baby artic foxes’ coats. The way the wind dances through the forests creates a harmonic performance from the trees. The wind whistles through the feathers creating songs of perfect harmony, creating perfect sonnets, it is so calming and peaceful. I feel as though I could be swallowed up by this planet, I could melt and mould into the planet, become a part of this breathing planet.

A planet so pure, so beautiful, untouched, undiscovered, unique, isolated, breathtaking and perfect. A planet that no one knows the route to, a planet that is only for those who truly appreciate and understand the beautiful features our universe has to offer. A place I love and want to discover more than anything. 

A place that I can truly call my home. 

Blogpost by Simmonne Malan.