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If my shoes could speak, they would say…

If my shoes could speak, they would say…

Every morning I wake up to the sunbeams reflecting off of my crystal charms by my window illuminating my room with a rainbow and the wind chimes softly whistling outside. When the birds begin to sing, I get out of bed and begin my day by making a cup of filter coffee. Once the coffee is made and the pungent smell of coffee beans flows up my nostrils, I put my shoes on before taking my seat on the chair outside. 

As I sip my sweet coffee, I begin to realize that although my shoes have become part of my daily ritual, I have never stopped and wondered what they would say if they could speak. Do they enjoy snuggling my feet and keeping them warm, do they enjoy being helpful? Do they enjoy going on endless hikes and going to the shops? Do they enjoy being able to see the radiating town and be around when I meet new extraordinary people? Do they even like me? 

If shoes shared similar characteristics to their owners then I can only imagine what mine would be like and what they would say. They would be passionate, romantic, empathetic, caring, kind, courteous, respectful, friendly, and open-minded. In fact, I think I know exactly what they would say. If my shoes could speak, they would say “it is okay to feel the way you do and to make mistakes.” They will be so understanding when it comes to walking. Or maybe they will say “Oh my gosh woman! Learn how to walk properly, stop being so bloody clumsy!” 

If your shoes could speak, what would they say? 

Blogpost by Simmonne Malan