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Unleashing your Genius Event.

On the 23rd of November LondiaN hosted an event at Rudo Institute in Benoni with the theme being, “Unleashing your genius”, the event was aimed and targeted and young people, teenagers from all walks of life.
The first speaker to grace the audience was Zoe Pali from Radio Pulpit, who has a track record in radio, acting, ministry, and a whole host of things, she emphasized how essential to have the right people in your life when you are aspiring for certain things, how having the right partner is important, she further spoke on the importance of following passion ones passion.
The second speaker for the day was Lebone, who currently runs an NGO that focuses on a variety of things, public speaking being one the branches.
The third speaker for the day was William Baloyi, founder of William Baloyi trading and Mental Liberation, radio host and speaker, he narrated briefly about his journey into public speaking coming from a small tiny village with nothing but a dream of holding the mic and speaking on great platforms. He spoke of how the burning fire in us ends up frustrating us because we live in a society where we are channeled into a certain way of life.
William Baloyi
The last speaker for the day was Howard Zondo, founder of Young Black and Powerful, radio personality, author and an international Bronze speaker, he spoke of how society is a system of normalized averages and those that aspire to be different are ridiculed, he further said that we are positioned where we were supposed to be positioned, that our positioning is linked to our destinies.
Howard Zondo
Words from the event organizer regarding the theme unleashing your genius, “Genius comes from the Latin word of the same name, meaning “guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth” or “innate ability”. I believe that each one of us posses a supernatural ability to positively influence the world. However with the noise, trials and life’s general ordeals, we often sink our brilliance in order to fit in or “stay out of trouble”.
At Unleashing Your Genius we speak to the spirit of excellence that lies within you, through a series of events aimed at reviving the left side of your brain. Guests are motivated, revived and exposed to networking with like minded people. So come on dear Genuis Unleash Your Excellence” Londie. 
Londie further alluded, “Wherever there’s a human being there is opportunity for kindness”
Dear fellow human being I humbly ask for your financial contribution of any amount toward the manifestation of one of my goals. The goal is to volunteer through the International Volunteers HQs program in Brazil next year in pursuits of enhancing my career as a social activist.Please feel free to ask me for clarity or more information in this regard. In the interim kindly follow the link below for a brief overview and donation options. God bless you.
Blog by Tokelo Hlagala