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Random thought #01: Instant Times

We are living in interesting times, a time in which wonders can be achieved with just a touch of a button, an age in which something can be send and received within a blink of an eye, it is the fourth industrial age, the age of new and amazing things. In this age of instant messages, instant food, instant everything, some of us have been convinced that we can have and acquire everything with just a snap of our fingers, so many of us have been convinced that we can sow today and reap the next morning, so many of us are trying as much as possible to fasten the journey to where we are heading, the journey to reaching what is our desires, dreams and goals, and as a result we end up cutting corners in order to get there much quicker than others, not knowing that through cutting corners we are cutting valuable essential lessons.

In this age of social media where I can take a photo in my room and photoshop it to make it seem as though I am in an island somewhere, in this age of social media where instant pictures make us think that people have achieved their success instantly, the principles of getting there have been devalued, what it takes to get there is rarely spoken of. We are living in age where looking as though we making it is more pivotal than actually making it, and as a result we have most people faking it than actually doing it.

To the young person out there looking at how the world is fast accelerating, looking at how it seems as though everyone is making it but them, how everyone seems to be dancing to the same tune with everything, if you know deeply that you are doing everything that needs to be done, you are working as hard as possible, you have devoted your time and effort in mastering your craft, that you are knocking on doors, that you are falling and getting back up, know that you are on the right track, comprehend that everything worthwhile takes a while, and most importantly, just ENJOY the process, enjoy the journey of learning, the journey of getting there, be patient with yourself and let your passion drive you.

Tokelo Afrocentric Hlagala