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Lessons From A Domestic Worker Book Launch at NMU

On the 22nd of August KCS Book Club was invited to host Howard Zondo’s second book launch of “Lessons From A Domestic Worker, the book launch was part of the Entrepreneurship Connect event held by Enactus at Nelson Mandela University, with the theme of the event being the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The event featured 3 speakers, namely, Erno de Korte(Author, Entrepreeur), Kazimla LaQhayiya(Chairman at KLYM Holdigs), and Nina Van Loggenberg(Ambition Financial services) who were presenting on the fourth industrial revolution in the first segment of the program.

The second segment of the program featured the founder of KCS Book Club Mr Tokelo Hlagala who gave a brief description of the book club, what it does and its mandate across various spaces and places, he began by quoting one philosopher who said on one memorable occasion, “Knowledge for Knowledge’s sake has been devalued by the culture of work”, he said further, “ it is my believe that knowledge has power, it is my believe that knowledge has the power to change any circumstance, thus the name of the book club stipulate, and so those who will survive the fourth revolution are those with knowledge. For a long time the narrative of the told stories of Africa and Africans has been told by people who themselves are not African, hence we have embarked on a journey to promote African literature by Africans”.

Post the talk by Mr Hlagala, it was now the moment everyone had been waiting for, the presentation by Mr Howard Zondo, but before he gave his talk he was bestowed with a memorable praise by Mr Zuko, a praise poet of note and a devoted pan Africanist, the attendees where moved by Mr Zuko, his eloquence and his remarkable use of language, praising in his mother tongue Isixhosa gave meaning and relevance to the talk Mr Zondo was to give.

“It is not by my power that I am standing here, it is the grace of those who have passed before us. I am raised by the bottles my mother used to pick up at night, for she could only get that job and provide us with food, I grew up from a small township called Mabheshane, where the Tsongas pride themselves in their culture and heritage, that is the township which has made me, to most of us the circumstances in which we were raised have become our reality, hence we cannot think outside that constructed reality”, these were the opening remarks by Mr Howard Zondo which left the audience with their jaws hanging, not only because they could relate but also because they didn’t imagine such a young man could articulate himself so well with wisdom.

It was a fantastic event filled with a lot of learning, and well performed poetry and musical performances. The event was concluded with a Question & and Answer segment between the audience, speaker and representative of KCS Book club.