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Khwezi by Redi Tlhabi

Reading the book about Fezekile Khuzwayo aka Khwezi has been a emotional journey. I felt so guilty that for so long i have vilified and nullified her trauma. It is such a norm that we victimize the victims of gender based violenc. Patriarchy is so entrenched within us that we tend a blind eye to violence. “It must still be devastating to know that there is a hierarchy to pain and trauma. Those who died in battle, have streets and halls names after them yet those who paid with their bodies and souls go unmentioned “. Isn’t it sad how we rallied around a man who has violated a woman? When Khwezi’s credibility was questioned in court, no one ever dared questioned the morality of a man who claimed to have had “consensual sex” with a woman outside his marriage. Redi Tlhabi has done great justice to the late Fezekile by telling her story so that we never forget. I hope as we read this book, we learn not to turn a blind eye. There are millions of stories of women in South Africa whose voices will never be heard. Let us read about them, let us write about them.

Riri Rebone.